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Fairness in determining the winners of the Giving Day prizes is very important to Fairfield County’s Community Foundation. Giving Day’s purpose is to bring the community together in a positive, inclusive spirit and we ask that all involved participate with integrity.

All prizes will be verified using two levels of review: 1) GiveGab identifies prize winners based on prize category guidelines; 2) The Community Foundation’s Giving Day team completes an audit to ensure that the correct winner is identified. Fairfield County’s Community Foundation has final approval for winner identification. Prize winners must be compliant with Fairfield County’s Giving Day terms & conditions and may be subject to data validation requests that must be completed before prize monies are released.

Participating organizations may win more than one prize throughout Giving Day, but may not win more than one prize within a prize category as specified. Prize winners will be identified first in chronological order by prize category then in order of prize value within a category from highest to lowest (ie for the Grand Prizes, we will determine 1st place winner for unique donors, followed by 1st place for most dollars, followed by 2nd place for unique donors, and finally 2nd place for most dollars). Prize monies won will be reflected in Giving Day totals for participating organizations as prize winners are determined and announced.

Fairfield County’s Community Foundation reserves the right to modify prize categories and amounts. In the event of any changes to prizes, updates will be made to this page and all participating nonprofits will be notified.

Definitions for key terms referenced in the below prize categories are provided below.

Unique Donor: Unique donors are identified by donor name, email, and address. Matching gifts do not impact the count of unique donors.

Budget categories:
• Small - $500k or less
• Large - more than $500k

Staff categories:
• Volunteer - no paid staff
• Small - 20 or fewer paid staff member

Cause categories: For prize categories tied to a particular cause, eligibility is determined by the primary cause category selected during Giving Day registration. Organizations may only select one primary cause category.