Business Fundraiser Tips for Success

Tips for Success

  • Your campaign can be as simple or elaborate as you can make it.
  • You don’t need to spend months and months planning... unless, of course, you want to!
  • It should be fun and authentic to your company culture or place of business.
  • There are many different ways to do build out your Business Fundraiser, anyone can get involved.
  • And a little friendly competition never hurts!

How do we get started?

  • To request a registration link, please email We'll then send you a link to sign up your business in a few easy steps. You will get a webpage of your very own too! 
  • Assign a point person or a small team of employees who are excited about this opportunity.
  • Use our tools and create a plan that works for you and your company’s culture.
  • Execute your plan and communicate to your stakeholders!
  • Remind them to select the “business” name from the drop down when they make a donation online.
  • Watch the Fairfield County's Giving Day Business Fundraiser leaderboard and celebrate the generosity you have inspired!
  • Check out this helpful support article on how to access and edit your Business Fundraiser Page!

Now let’s get to planning: 

  • Visit to get familiar with the platform.
  • Set a company goal! It could be one or several things: 100% employee participation, a total amount raised; engaging X% of customers to give, or being at the top of the leaderboard.
  • Send out a calendar invite or email two weeks before Fairfield County's Giving Day with details about the event to all stakeholders.
  • Learn about who is participating. See if your company’s favorite nonprofits are going to be a part of Fairfield County's Giving Day!
  • Decide if you plan on matching donations or remember to share information about your existing matching gift program.
  • Integrate or tie Fairfield County's Giving Day into any other giving activities you already do.
  • Get your company excited by announcing your participation through social media, special email and/or your newsletter. See the Communications Timeline for more details, on when to reach out!
  • Remind stakeholders about prizes, leaderboards, and matching opportunities. If your company is a sponsor of Fairfield County's Giving Day, be sure to highlight that with your employees. It’s important to show your investment.
  • Report back to your employees. Pat your team on the back and say ‘congratulations’ for their participation and the change they’ve made in the community. We will give you instructions on how to pull a giving report closer to the day.

Get Creative! 

  • Host a donation station on site. Set up a Fairfield County's Giving Day Giving Spot in your building. Print out our posters and have computers set up for donations.
  • Set up a Fairfield County's Giving Day Watch Spot where employees can stop by and watch the leaderboard, give, and socialize…you know food always brings people out!
  • Set up a competition within your company or coordinate with other companies. Get creative! Divide employees by department or office area. Track competition results at and share team successes internally.
  • Involve senior leadership or executives. Can they provide a challenge, match or wear a chicken suit to work if you hit your goal…make a dance video…think fun and engaging!
  • Simple storytelling: Share the giving stories of a few employees – where are they giving their time or money and why. You can share on internal channels, social or newsletters.
  • Add a "Do More" component to your campaign! In addition to asking stakeholders to make a monetary donation to their favorite cause, consider:
    • Doing a food drive, diaper drive, or toiletries for the homeless.
    • Bring coffee and donuts to the staff of a nonprofit.
    • Wear company T-shirts and walk around giving high fives to people on the street during lunch.
  • Print out the "I Gave" graphic and put it on cubes/offices or on some sticky paper for people to wear as badges all day once they contribute.