Let's Get Social!

This day runs on Social Media! First things first, be sure to:

page5image3879040Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FCCFoundation/ & Tag #FairfieldCountyGives

page5image3899424Follow us on Twitter: @Fccfoundation & Re-tweet #FairfieldCountyGives content

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Just a few things to remember:

  1. For Fairfield County's Giving Day logos and graphics, posters and printables check out the graphics in the Non Profit Toolkit 
  2. Always use hashtag #FairfieldCountyGives and tag FCCFoundation on Facebook and Twitter
  3. Create your own or use an existing internal hashtag

When and what should I post?

3 weeks out - When you sign up as a business fundraiser!


  • We are part of #FairfieldCountyGives this year! We can’t wait for Feb 25! fcgives.org(image)
  • A little can go a long way when we get together and give together on Feb 25 for Fairfield County's Giving Day! We can’t wait!
  • Will you be part of #FairfieldCountyGives on Feb 25? We are so excited to be a business fundraiser and supporting your community. #FairfieldCountyGives
  • We have made a commitment to giving back on Fairfield County's Giving Day on Feb 25! It’s going to be a BIG day for your community! (company/employee image or video) Join us!


  • We are thrilled to be part of #FairfieldCountyGives on Feb 25 a 24-hour day of giving to support nonprofits in this area. Stay tuned! {{facebook}} (photo of employees volunteering)
  • We are thrilled to be a sponsor of #FairfieldCountyGives on Feb 25, a 24-hour day of giving to support nonprofits in this area. Stay tuned! {{facebook}} (photo of employees volunteering)
  • Do you know what we will be doing on Feb 25? Participating as a company in #FairfieldCountyGives. It is one day dedicated to shining a light on the social good in this community. We can’t wait! (photo)

One Month - One Week Out


  • Mark your calendar for the coolest day of the year, Feb 25! #FairfieldCountyGives
  • Countdown the days until #FairfieldCountyGives. Our employees are ready – are you?!


  • Mark your calendars! Giving back has never been this easy. On Feb 25 employees can donate to more than 400 local organizations #FairfieldCountyGives(Image: Save the Date)
  • We are only 1 week away from #FairfieldCountyGives. Every dollar counts!

Day of Fairfield County's Giving Day:


  • Today is the day! Let’s show everyone how generous the Fairfield County's Giving Day community is! #FairfieldCountyGives is here and we are ready! fcgives.org
  • You have 24-hours to give to #FairfieldCountyGives! Don’t forget to choose (your company name) at checkout!
  • Have you donated during #FairfieldCountyGives? Our employees are rocking the giving!
  • Wow! Our people gave $______ today! #FairfieldCountyGives. Every dollar is changing lives.


  • Let the countdown begin…24hrs to be the most generous you can be! Let’s see how much we can change our part of the world in just 24 hours! fcgives.org!
  • You have 24-hours to give back through #FairfieldCountyGives! Our employees are getting in the giving spirit (photo of giving spot or employees)
  • Our company focuses on improving our community by investing in (nonprofit sector/cause area). Some of our favorite nonprofit partners are participating in #FairfieldCountyGivesthis year on Feb 25! (insert photo of nonprofit partner)


  • We are excited to share that (your company) will be matching employee donations during #FairfieldCountyGives. Find your cause today on fcgives.org.